Thoughts From A Dead Person

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  Parents, do you praying for your children? Do you pray with them? In his book originally published in 1699, the Puritan Cotton Mather has some advice that is very applicable hundreds of year later… Parents, pray with your children, as well as for them. Family prayer must be maintained by all those parents, that […]

Congregational Worship in a Nutshell

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  Over the past week, I wrote five posts about congregational worship. Now I am going to do what I was actually asked to do and try to put everything into one brief post. The New Testament gives five main ways in which people should worship as a congregation when they meet on Sunday mornings. […]

Elements of Congregational Worship: Prayer

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In one of Paul’s recent blogs he answered the question, “What is the church.” If you haven’t read it, I encourage you to move on over there and check it out! In his post, he narrowed down the actions of the church to three broad categories… upward, inward, and outward. Upward relates to worshipping God, […]

How's Your Prayer Life?

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“Continue steadfastly in prayer…” -Colossians 4:2 Let’s pretend you are a stalker. And you, as a stalker, want to find out what kind of things I really like in life. One of the best ways you will find this out is by seeing what I do throughout the day. For example, you will notice that […]