Your Kids, Church, and Electronics

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We just posted seven blogs about the purpose of church. I hope you get the heart behind these blogs… we want you to see that when you gather together on Sunday morning it is a time to worship God. I want to encourage you to view the congregational gathering as a holy time. The people […]

A Demon's Advice on Parenting

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  The following email was written by Foulbreath – a commanding demon in the army of Satan – to a lower-ranking demon named Littlesnake. Unbeknownst to both of them, it was intercepted by the Angelic Army and is now being passed on to us. It has important information that will be of value to the […]

Two Book Recommendations On Parenting

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This past Sunday I spoke about discipling your children. I meant to give two book recommendations near the end of the message but when I looked at the clock and saw that I had only had five minutes left and still had one point to give I skipped over that part. So here they are! […]