Your Kids, Church, and Electronics

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We just posted seven blogs about the purpose of church. I hope you get the heart behind these blogs… we want you to see that when you gather together on Sunday morning it is a time to worship God. I want to encourage you to view the congregational gathering as a holy time. The people […]

Elements of Congregational Worship: Giving

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Here we are at the last element of congregational worship! So far I have written about prayer, singing, Scripture, and the Lord’s Supper. Now I want to finish off by discussing giving. Notice that I say “giving” and not “tithing.” This is because I believe that tithing is a practice commanded in the Old Testament […]

What is the Church?

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What is the Church and What is it Supposed to Do? There are a lot of churches and a lot of churches that do a lot of different things. So, first, and fundamentally, what is a church and what is it supposed to do biblically? What are the essentials? The “have to’s”? Until we understand […]

Thoughts on Reading "The Shack"

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I know I am about five years past the controversy but I wanted to share some of my thoughts from recently reading The Shack by Wm. Paul Young. I originally had no intention of reading the book after hearing various outcries against its wayward theology and representations of God. However, I came across it at […]