"Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?"

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Jesus walks up to a man who has been an invalid for thirty-eight years and asks him what seems like a preposterous question: “Do you want to be healed?” This man was probably thinking, “Really, Jesus? Did You have to ask that question? I’m crippled. Of course I want to be healed.” So, why did Jesus ask this question?

Advice From A Demon: Accountability

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The following email was written by Foulbreath – a commanding demon in the army of Satan – to a lower-ranking demon named Littlesnake. Unbeknownst to both of them, it was intercepted by the Cyber Division of the Angelic Army and is now being passed on to us. It has important information that will be of […]

How Should We Worship?

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Confusion and conflict over what God considers “acceptable worship” is not a new thing. From as early as Cain and Abel to the sons of Aaron offering “unauthorized fire” , Scripture is full of examples of the ways that people have gotten worship wrong…and how they’ve gotten it right.

Rest at Last

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Well, to be honest with you, our lil’ baby Evangelina saw a lot of turmoil today. Uriah and Lyla running around. Balls whizzing past her head. People in, people out. She was on the floor trying to get stuff that was just out of reach. Needless to say, when it was time to eat and […]

Student Ministry Vision Statement

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My brother-in-law, Brian Wiseman, wrote this and I found it helpful so I thought I would share it: My goal for the student ministry is to raise up mature followers of Jesus Christ who are marked by passionate worship and love for God. My desire is that students will become future elders, deacons, husbands, fathers, […]

Suffering: A Different Question (Part Two)

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Jesus says “follow me” but before that he tells us what that following will entail. In following Jesus we are commanded to take up our cross. Is our “cross” here talking about all the struggles we go through: slow traffic, a difficult job, or unfriendly neighbors? Yes and no. I believe all these things can […]

Suffering: A Different Question (Part One)

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Health is a blessing from God. However, it can be wrongly expected and idolized. There are plethoras of books that seek to answer why we suffer, which I do not think is wrong. But I have not found very many that ask why we don’t suffer more. We must take what Scripture demands of us […]