Understanding Paul the Missionary (part four)

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The Mission and Marrow of this Chosen Instrument: Six Elements of Paul’s Mission Paul had a long pedigree (Acts 26:5; Phil. 3:4-6). He was sovereignly prepared, primed, and picked for God’s saving purposes. However, how were those saving purposes to be worked out; what was Paul to do to reach the nations? There is a lot […]

Engulfed In A Dizzying Ocean

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Engulfed in a dizzying ocean. The floods have encompassed me. Reaching,    grabbing,       drowning. Grasping for breath, when none is left.  Once again I’m sinking. All is dark. All is gone. In the midst of death, You give me life. You do not merely give life, but are life itself . Reaching, […]

Understanding Paul the Missionary (part three)

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The Purpose for Which the Clay was Shaped: God’s Glory Among the Nations Just as God shaped all of time, raises up kingdoms and brings them down, so God shaped Paul for His sovereign purposes. Paul was called and especially equipped to be a light in the dark places of the earth (Acts 9:15; cf. […]

Understanding Paul the Missionary (part two)

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The Potter Choses What to do Even with Obstinate Clay: Paul’s Conversion and Call After Paul’s conversion and calling he would call himself the “very least of all the saints” (Eph. 3:8) and the “chief of sinners” for his action of initially rejecting the Messiah and persecuting His Church. Paul’s “Torahcentric values were radically reversed […]

Atonement: Penal Substitution Theory (Part 1)

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The penal substitution theory of atonement was popularized among Protestants during the Reformation and remains the paramount Evangelical view of atonement. This view of atonement sees the death of Christ as vicarious in nature. The required punishment for sin was suffered by Christ for believers, while His perfect righteousness was transferred to believers. In this […]

Thoughts on Reading "The Shack"

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I know I am about five years past the controversy but I wanted to share some of my thoughts from recently reading The Shack by Wm. Paul Young. I originally had no intention of reading the book after hearing various outcries against its wayward theology and representations of God. However, I came across it at […]

Understanding Paul the Missionary (part one)

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In my next couple posts we will be looking at Paul’s conversion and call. We will also look at what Paul’s mission and methods were. On the Potter’s Wheel: A Zealous Pharisee It is vital that we spend some time looking at Phariseism because whatever is said about it will affect what we say about […]