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Your lust, your addiction, your lying, your sin will kill you. Proverbs 7 was likely composed between 971 and 931 B.C. That is around 3,000 years ago. So how does this passage apply to us? First, we must look at what the passage is addressing. Look at Proverbs 7:10-12. Who is the woman in this […]

The Accomplishing Power of God

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There is a lot I want to do. There is more I cannot do. I am limited, finite. I die. Grow tired. God, thank Him, is not like me. He accomplishes all His will—always.* And, unlike me, that is a good thing. God is not like me. If I accomplished all my will this world would […]

Thoughts From A Dead Person on Riches

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Henry Smith was a Puritan from the 16th century. This is what he had to say about riches… “Riches are like painted grapes, which look as though they would satisfy a man, but do not slake his hunger or quench his thirst. Riches indeed do make a man covet more, and get envy, and keep […]

Thoughts From A Dead Person

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  Parents, do you praying for your children? Do you pray with them? In his book originally published in 1699, the Puritan Cotton Mather has some advice that is very applicable hundreds of year later… Parents, pray with your children, as well as for them. Family prayer must be maintained by all those parents, that […]

Are you an animal?

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 “He is just an animal.” That is not a very nice thing to say. But sometimes it is not far from the truth. Sin is sub-human. God created us in His image. Not in the image of a dog sniffing the air for food or…. God made us to resemble Himself, morally and spiritually. The […]

Why God Didn't Let Me Win The Powerball

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Last year, when the Powerball lottery was at some unfathomable amount, a person my wife works with gave everyone Powerball lottery tickets. We had never played the lottery before and have no plans to play it in the future, but we accepted the kind gift. For a split moment, we wondered what it would be […]