When Following Christ Goes Badly

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A common misconception in modern American Christian thought is that once a person “gives their life to Jesus” that everything from that point will be easy. While I completely believe that we should give our lives to Jesus, I believe that this more often than not looks a lot differently than we’d like it to look.

Thou Shalt Not…Use His Name In Vain

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Since we were children, the command “Don’t use God’s name in vain!” has been figuratively (and sometimes, literally) beaten into our heads. Many feel that to use God’s name as a swear (or in a swear) is just shy of the Unpardonable Sin that Jesus spoke of during His ministry. For others, this is far […]

Thou Shalt Not…Worship Carved Images

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Before we go thinking that we’ve totally put away our “wood gods”, remember this: that with which you most consume yourself is what you worship and serve. Unfortunately, in modern society we haven’t gotten rid of our idols…we’ve only changed their physical makeup.