When Relationships Fall Apart and Friends Look Like Enemies

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Here is are some thoughts from the eldest and most mature of the elders, Eric Evans… 


As we walk through life our contact and relationships with other people often results in emotional wounds, fears, resentment and an unforgiving spirit.

We can view our walk through life as a long hallway with locked doors to many rooms. These rooms house those emotional wounds, fears, resentment and unforgiving spirits.

As we walk down this hallway of life we can walk it alone or we can ask Jesus to walk it with us. If Jesus accompanies us along that walk, he has the keys to unlock those doors and release those emotional wounds, fears and resentment that cause the unforgiving spirit.

We Christians need to be free of unforgiving spirits. We must be willing to forgive as Jesus forgave us, even to the point of sacrificing to achieve that forgiveness.

There are always times in our lives when people are going to say things and do things that bring about those emotional wounds.

We need to be ready with our faith in Jesus Christ; knowing that he is there to walk that hallway with us and release us of those fears , resentment, and unforgiving spirits and replace it with Love, Peace and Understanding.

There is no place in the heart of a Child of God for resentment, fear, and an unforgiving spirit.

It is never a question of who is at fault, the question is who is Christian, and when will forgiveness take place, just like our Lord and Saviour forgives us.

Satan would have us believe that the issue is a question of who is right and who is wrong and who has the right to harbor unforgiveness.

Remember you were forgiven by the Grace of God; you were in the wrong due to the sin in your life, not Jesus who died on the cross so that you could be forgiven.

Luke 4:18 tells us that Jesus was sent to us so he could open those doors and remove those emotional and physical wounds.

Proverbs 20:27 insures us that God is always searching our heart in an effort to help us.

Romans 8: 26 and 27 tells us that the Holy Spirit helps the believer to seek the help that we need through intercessory prayer on our behalf. He prays for us in ways that we cannot pray.

In Hebrews 4:12-13 we see that answers to our problems are found in God’s word, it exposes those emotional problems and other problems we have in our life and guides us through that walk down the hallway we call life.

It also states that we are always under Gods watchful eye and we will one day be held accountable for how we handle those emotional problems and our relationship with others.

Give your problems to Jesus, seek His help and he will release those damaging problems from the rooms we lock them in.

We at Grace Crossing should work as hard as we can to exhibit the presence of Jesus in our own lives, so others can see it and follow our example.


Elder Eric Evans

Grace Crossing Church

 References about this subject taken from the Holy Bible (NKJV) with references also to this subject from 365 Days to a Prayer Filled Life by Germaine Copeland   (ISBN 978-1-60142-328-3) Multnomah Books (2010)