Christians, you cannot un-friend those that you find to be unfriendly!

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The following blog is from one of the GCC elders, Eric Evans…


God often offers us opportunities to serve as an example for those who are lost and do not know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. We must strive to recognize those opportunities and we must not pass them over.

I recently saw a television commercial where an elderly woman un-friended another elderly woman because of a disagreement between the two and that resulted in the removal of any reference to the offending woman, from the upset woman’s picture wall.

This is not an option for believers. We cannot turn our back on those that offend us. We must remain available to those that offend us and offer ourselves as an example for them to follow no matter how they treat us.

The apostle Paul was stoned to the point of death, and dragged out of the city to die.  He recovered enough to get up and he reentered the city where he was stoned. He did not flee those that opposed him in a violent manner. He showed them Jesus living in him. (Acts 14:19-20)

He was able to do this because of the power and the call of Jesus on his life. He recognized the need to be seen by those who condemned and stoned him in order to reflect and set the example of the power of God within him.

We are to serve as a light to those who live in darkness and sin. Jesus is the Light within us.

You cannot do this if you run and hide from those that oppose you. It is not as easy as unfriending those that do so and removing them from your wall.

Christians do not walk in their own understanding. Let God lead your life and do as he has called you to do. There is no such thing as un-friending, to the Christian that answers the commission given to us in Matthew 28:19-20

There is constant opposition to God’s Word and to those that represent it.

Be ready to set the proper example to those that oppose you and do not know Jesus.


-Elder Eric Evans