Why God Didn't Let Me Win The Powerball

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Last year, when the Powerball lottery was at some unfathomable amount, a person my wife works with gave everyone Powerball lottery tickets. We had never played the lottery before and have no plans to play it in the future, but we accepted the kind gift. For a split moment, we wondered what it would be like to win all that money (as I am sure many people did that night).

As expected, God decided not to instantly grant us a half billion dollars. We were both fine with that. We are happy with what we have and didn’t feel the need to become mega rich. But I was a little disappointed not to win the money for another reason. You see, we were just starting the process of adopting a baby from overseas and would soon be asked to pay money we did not have.

But we felt called to adopt so we pressed on, believing that God would somehow provide for us. Bills came and went and over the course of the year we paid the ones that were absolutely necessary and ignored the ones that could wait.

Fast-forward to this month and the adoption bills had continued to pile up. We owed $10,000 ($9,700, to be precise). We knew if we ignored the bills any longer, they would delay our adoption. But there was nothing we could do about it, so we ignored the bills and continued to pray for God to work out the details.

Then things quickly changed.

Within a period of a couple of weeks money quickly came in. A friend contacted us a while back about giving us some money and then decided to give more money this month. We filed our taxes and learned that we had a large check coming our way. My wife’s salary was a little hire than normal.

After calculating all the extra money we had and the money we received through gifts and tax returns, the amount added up to the exact amount we owed. To the dollar.

It would have been a lot easier to win the Powerball. But God is not about making our lives easier, God is about making our lives holier. Making us wait and depend on God taught us a valuable lesson that helped us grow in our faith.

We still have a ways to go with our adoption. By my count, we will need to come up with about $19,000 more by the end. But to be honest, I am not concerned one bit. We will continue to do everything we can to bring in the money, but in the end, we are simply waiting on God to provide.

What about you? Are you stepping out in faith to do what God has called you to do? And if so, are you trusting in him to provide? Instead of praying to win the Powerball, pray for God to work in your life in a mighty way. And then step back and be amazed at what God will do.