Worldview question one: What is reality? What is really real?

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The way that this question is answered in many ways determines the answers to the other worldview questions. So, this question is fundamental. It is the bedrock upon which the others rest. Other worldviews may answer this question by saying that the gods or the material world is what is really real. Thus, we already see that worldview questions have big implications. However, we will tease this out in future posts.   

Christians answer this question by saying that God is the North Star of the universe. That is, He guides us. He is real. He explains, even defines, reality. God’s self-identification is “I AM WHO I AM” (Ex. 3:14). This can be translated variously, “I WILL BE WHAT I WILL BE,” “I AM THE ONE WHO IS,” for instance. So, Yahweh is God and He, and He alone, shows us what is the really real.

We see many important characteristics of God in Scripture. The LORD God is the only God (Deut. 6:4). This rules out other gods and it rules out a mere natural universe. Reality is not explained by a plurality of gods nor is it explained by the absence of any god as in naturalism.

Not only does God determine reality, not only is He the only God, but He is a personal God. He is not a mere deistic cosmic watchmaker. He did not just wind up the world and leave it to unwind on its own. He is not some abstract force out there somewhere. He is not just energy. He is personal.

Yet, even though God is personal, He is also beyond us. He is other than we are. He is different. He is holy, exalted. He is God.

God is all-knowing. He knows the beginning and the end. He knows all. God is sovereign. He is Master of all. God is good. “That is, what he is is good. There is no sense in which goodness surpasses God or God surpasses goodness. As being is the essence of his nature, goodness is the essence of his character” (Sire, The Universe Next Door, 30).

God “is the plenitude of reality, beauty, greatness and goodness, and so is the source of all true happiness and aid” (Eric L. Johnson, Foundation for Soul Care, 43). This is actually very relevant to the way we live our life; or it should be. “The infinitely joyful God is alone capable of supplying human blessedness, because he alone is filled with overflowing blessedness” (Eric L. Johnson, Foundation for Soul Care, 43). Thus we see a lot rests on the acquisition of a correct worldview.