How's Your Prayer Life?

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“Continue steadfastly in prayer…”

-Colossians 4:2

Let’s pretend you are a stalker. And you, as a stalker, want to find out what kind of things I really like in life. One of the best ways you will find this out is by seeing what I do throughout the day. For example, you will notice that I spend a lot of time with my wife and family. You will notice that I always seem to be nibbling on some sort of food. You will also notice that I read books and perhaps check facebook a little often. You would probably come to the decision that I really like those things because I always spend time with them.

But what would you think if you watched me all day, every day, and never saw me pray? You would likely come to the decision that, because I never prayed, I did not like spending time with God.

There are many benefits of prayer, but at its most basic element, prayer is simply a way in which we spend time with God. And when we do not spend time praying we are not spending time with God.

The problem with this is that Christians should want to spend time with God. I am not saying this put a guilt trip on anyone, I am saying this as a reality check. Christians should want to spend time with God! There should be something deep down inside of us that beckons us to spend time with God on a regular basis. And when we miss this time, it should ache in a similar way that our tummies ache when we do not have food.

Generally speaking, if you always lack an appetite, you are not healthy. And spiritually speaking, if you have no desire to pray, then you are spiritually sick.

If you can identify with this — as a person who does not pray — then I encourage you to take action. Here are several suggestions…

  1. Search your life and make sure there is no blatant sin that is messing up your spiritual walk.
  2. Repent before God about your lack of prayer life and ask him to stir in your heart a new desire to pray. There is no better solution to fixing a messed up prayer life than the Holy Spirit sparking a desire to pray in our lives. Ask God to help you want to pray more.
  3. Start praying on a regular basis. Have you heard the phrase, “Fake it till you make it”? While I do not encourage empty prayers, there is something to be said about simply getting in the habit of praying. It is not uncommon for a person to go into his prayer dry and by the time he is finished he feels spiritually renewed. Coming to God on a regular basis will impact you.
  4. I also encourage you to get accountability. Ask people to help remain steadfast in your prayer life.
  5. Pray with others. Take advantage of opportunities to pray with and for others. Pray with your spouse. Pray with your kids. Pray with your friends. And pray with your church. Their prayers will encourage you and teach you how to become a better pray-er.

One last note: If a stalker is following me, he will find me at Grace Crossing Church on Sunday, September 29 at 6:30pm for our corporate prayer. Let’s all gather together, commune with God, and pray for our church!