Are You A Good Steward Of Your Mind?

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The other day I was walking down the hallway of my son’s school after dropping him off for class. As I did this I was peeking into the various classrooms and came across a teacher teaching something about New Testament history. I thought to myself, “Wow, I wish I been taught that back in high school!”

Then it occurred to me that I was taught that back in high school. And yet I don’t remember anything from those classes. Back in high school I had very little desire to learn. I liked playing sports, video games, and hanging out with friends. This pattern continued in college as well. I did well enough to pass classes, but I never put too much focus on studying.

I look back on those years in high school and college with regret. I wish I had learned more and really applied myself.

But before you shed a tear for me, I am happy to report that the story did not end there. I decided that I was not going to waste the rest of my years. Over time I began trying to read more books. I went back to school and, if I had it my way, would probably be enrolled in various schools for the rest of my life. I actually like learning now.

What about you? Will you waste your mind? Or will you use the intellect and brainpower God has given you to learn what you can.

Some of us were given “10 talents” of smartness. Others were given 5. Still others were given 1. It is not a matter of “who is the smartest?” but instead, “Will you use what God has given you?”

I am no Einstein, but I am Kyle. And I am determined to be the smarted Kyle I can possibly be.

Don’t waste you mind on television, video games or watching sports. (These aren’t bad things, but just don’t let them dominate your life.) Those things just dumb you down if you watch too much of them. Instead, strengthen your mind with a good book, a good class, or a good conversation. In the long run, you will be much happier that you did.