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 It is amazing how precise even the geography in Scripture is. It is sovereignly arranged and intimately connected. Abraham offers his only son on the alter on a mountain that Abraham will name “The LORD will provide” (Gen. 22:14).  We remember in this story that God provides a ram so Isaac is spared. This is the same mountain on which king Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem (cf. Is. 2:3). 

We also remember that animal after animal was sacrificed at the temple in Jerusalem so that God’s people could be spared from the wrath of God. Later on this same mount would come the Lamb of God, the only Son, that takes away the sin of the world and spares mankind by dying on Golgotha (cf. Heb. 13:12), the LORD truly did provide!  He provided by mysteriously laying down His own life in Jesus, God the Son, and even in the geography we see that He is the one that sovereignly laid it down, He placed the ram in the thicket and He willingly laid upon the cross. Jesus’ death was sovereignly orchestrated so that we would see the superb story of salvation. Jesus (His name meaning “the LORD saves”) is truly the one that saves.

Note also the connection in Scripture on the place from which God reigns, for instance, in the New Jerusalem. Jesus will reign in the New Jerusalem because He suffered outside the gates of the old Jerusalem.  We will have access through the narrow gate to the true Jerusalem only through Jesus the true Priest. So as we think of Jerusalem we must think of Psalm 48:9: “We have thought on Your steadfast love, O God, in the midst of Your temple.”

 Truly, God showed His steadfast love in the midst of the temple as He gave His Son’s life to give us access to the splendor of glory! 


God, truly only You could so beautifully intertwine so many rich themes! God may You be worshiped as sovereign. May You be worshiped as the amazing God that saves, even at Your own expense. May I worship You more nearly as You are. Come Lord Jesus come, I am excited to see You upon the throne and worship You as I truly should. You are the “only Son,” God in flesh, yet slain for me, thank You! O’ thank You! Praise belongs to You eternally!